With enterprises ranging from small repair projects, to multi-million dollar jobs, there isn’t a venture we can’t handle. RMF regularly completes projects with numerous tanks on a single project. We specialize in field-erected structures in carbon, stainless, and alloy steels. Our products include, but are not limited to, the following:

Storage Terminals & Pipelines

With expertise in building to an array of codes and standards, including API 620 and 650, RMF has the extensive experience to meet your project-specific requirements. We provide EPC delivery of storage terminal tankage for tanks with varying heights, diameters, and roof types. Typical storage terminal tanks are built for storage of various liquids such as crude oil, refined oil products, acids, fruit juices, etc. Such tanks are designed for each specific product to be stored, taking into account internal pressures, seismic and wind parameters, and other specific environmental variables.

Power and Hydroelectric

With RMF’s extensive experience in the engineering, estimating, fabrication, and construction of custom built plate steel products, we are equipped to the unique needs of the power generation market. From Raw Water and Demineralized Water Tanks, Scrubbers and Absorbers, Ducting and stacks, we are equipped with the industry leading knowledge your projects require. RMF is the industry leader in the fabrication and installation of alloy wallpapering, having worked with the Nickel Development Institute and NACE to develop proper installation techniques the world has now come to recognize as standard.


When it comes to renewable fuels, you need a contractor who understands the sensitive nature of these projects. The demand for renewable energy is increasing across North America, and RMF has been in the heart of it since day one. RMF has the experience the world demands, being able to produce safe, reliable, and high quality storage and processing options. Building such tanks to API standards, in a wide array of materials including carbon and stainless steels, requires experience. RMF has that experience, and will exceed your expectations


Whether your need is for a process water tank for your industrial facility, or a firewater storage tank, or even a tank that combines features to double as a dual service tank, RMF has the expertise to design, fabricate, and install these at your facility. With extensive experience in AWWA D-100 and NFPA requirements, we are capable and suited to provide reliable tanks that meet these needs. Our erection crews are trained in these standards and are provided with the necessary tools to construct your tank to meet the exacting needs of your facility.


Since RMF’s inception in 1978, our focus has been to provide the best storage and process tankage and vessels to the petrochemical and refining industry. We have an intimate understanding of your facility’s needs and challenges, and we provide solutions that will exceed your expectations. With most of these plate steel structures being fabricated and erected per API, we are also capable of fabricating and installing ASME designed vessels as well. Our expertise in managing these projects is what sets RMF apart from the competition. And with our unsurpassed quality, you can count on RMF delivering the best value.


Centrally located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, RMF is poised to tackle mining projects throughout the Western United States, and abroad. The mining industry has been the lifeblood of RMF for many years. We’ve fabricated and erected tanks in all the major commercial scale mines throughout the Rocky Mountains, and up in Alaska. Because of our extensive experience in mining, we understand the complications these projects bring. And our experience lends itself to being able to prevent many issues form arising down the road. Our trained and certified erection professionals know the challenges of working in congested areas, and in brownfield work zones. Whether you’re looking for process tanks, storage tanks, and dry product silos, we have the solutions for you.


Water and Wastewater treatment tanks have complex processes and require a thorough engineering analysis to design a tank capable of the active loading. RMF has this experience. Working with many of the world’s largest water and wastewater treatment companies over our history has afforded us the experience you need. Whether you’re looking for a new clarifier or thickener, an added walkway bridge, or an additional dome roof over your tank, we’ve got you covered. With our vast experience in both API and AWWA standards, we know how to design your tank for the maximum processing efficiency.


Working with Governments and Municipalities on aviation fuel storage projects can be quite an undertaking. The storage of aviation fuels is critical to prevent contamination. And a high-quality storage tank is critical to prevent the bacterial growth and gumming that can occur in these systems. With out experience in designing, fabricating, and erecting jet fuel tanks to API, ASME, and AWWA standards, we have the extensive technical experience you need to ensure federal and local compliance. Our crews are trained and certified to provide you with the results you need.


While the engineering design of a storage sphere is the first step in a reputable product, the fabrication and erection is second-to-none when you call upon RMF. RMF supplies projects with materials fabricated to exacting tolerances. We also supply projects with highly qualified and trained craftsmen that understand the critical nature of a pressurized vessel. With RMF being certified by ASME for Division 1 and Division 2 vessels, and the ability to perform repair work on such vessels, you can count on RMF for the experience you need. Whether they require relief valves, special insulation, or even walkways connecting one sphere to another, we can handle it.