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A General Overview Of A Bulk Tank

Storage space and facilities are very important factors to consider when starting a company. This is because there are usually a lot of materials that need to be handled carefully. Some of these materials are in fluid form and this makes them difficult to store. In such cases, a bulk tank can be used as a storage facility.

Just as the name suggests, a bulk tank is a container that is used for storing or holding liquids and gases. It is mostly made of metal, but sometimes can be made from other strong materials like cement. These storage tanks usually offer adequate and clean space for storage of any type of fluid, be it gas or liquid, during and after processing.

There are several types of bulk tanks available in the industry. One of them is the fixed cone roof tank. This is the most common storage container type in the oil and gas industry. Such tanks have a staircase that wraps around them to the top. They come in different sizes depending on the amount of fluid you want to store.

Their dome roof usually prevents emissions to the environment and also caters for excess pressure from evaporation. They have gauges installed on the side and on the roof depending on the type. If installed on the roof top, the gauges are either permanently fixed on the roof or integrated in a manhole.

The other type is the floating roof reservoir. These tanks have a floating roof in addition to the fixed one. The space between the roof and shell plate is usually secured with a sealant. This helps prevent pollution in case the stored material evaporates easily.

These are just a of the types that are available in the industry. There are many others that have different designs and used for different purposes as well. Therefore, you should check out all the types so that you can decide on which bulk tank suits your needs best.